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Logistics Services

Liquiline Logistics is our business area providing services related to transport and storage of liquefied gases, as well as sourcing of LNG and LBG.

Liquiline has developed various technology solutions for the purpose of transporting and storing liquefied gases, such as liquefied natural gas (LNG) and liquefied biogas (LBG). Since its inception Liquiline has delivered several of these specifically-designed units.

Liquiline Logistics offer these units for rent, either on a short-term basis or on a long-term basis. We also carry out turn-key logistics services, by using our pool of transport and storage units and to use these in order to take care of the complete gas logistics of bringing LNG/LBG from point of source to point of use. Through our sourcing services we help source LNG and LBG.

Logistics services and transporting gas using the LiquiTainer solution: Liquiline LNG AS - All rights reserved
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